Sea Tech Week 10 > 14 oct. 2016, Brest registration here


Tuesday 11 October 2016 afternoon – Session 1 : Hydrography and Robotics

14:00-14:45. Overview of our current activities in marine robotics for survey, focusing on long-term endurance, low-cost deployment, acoustic navigation in team.
Andrea CAITI, University of Pisa, Invited speaker Slides

14:45-15:15. An introduction  to robotics for hydrographers.
Luc Jaulin, Lab-STICC, ENSTA Bretagne, Brest. Slides

15:15-15:45. Trends and challenges in hydrography.
Laurent LOUVART, SHOM Brest.

16:00-16:15. Fast Fourier-Based Block-Matching Algorithm for Non-Rigid Sonar Tracks Registration in a Multi-Resolution Framework
Florian NICOLAS/Thales.

16:15-16:45. Lake Guerlédan, an hydrographic and robotic educational project
Thomas LE MEZO, Lab-STICC, ENSTA Bretagne.Slides

16:45-17:15. “SEAPIX:  a Multi Usage Multibeam Sonar for Hydrography and Robotics Applications”
Didier CHARLOT, IXblue.  Slides.

17:15-17:45. Recent advances in robotics for underwater archaeology within the Corsaire Concept Project
Vincent CREUZE, LIRMM, Montpellier.

Wednesday 12 October 2016 – Session 2 : Marine Robotics

9:00-09:45. AUVs and/or activities.
Marc Carreras,  University of GironaInvited speaker

09:45-10:15. Submarine free model trials for the assessment of hydrodynamics effects and robotics applications.
Xavier Dal SANTO, DCNS Research/SIRHENA, Nantes.

10:30-11:00. Avoiding obstacles for sailboat robots at the WRSC’16 competition
Alaa El Jawad, Fabrice Le Bars, Patrick Rousseau, ENSTA-Bretagne, Ifremer.

11:00-11:30. A ROV for automatic survey of an underwater environment
Frédéric Maussang, Lab-STICC, Télécom Bretagne. Slides.

11:30-12:00. Underwater Robots Equipped with artificial electric sense for the exploration of unconventional aquatic niches
Stephane Bazeille, Ecole des Mines de Nantes. Slides.

12:00-12:30. Hydrocontest, Designing tomorrow’s boats
Emilien Fournier, Maxime Bouyssou, Patrick Rousseau.  ENSTA Bretagne, Ifremer, Brest. Slides.


14:00-14:30. Secure the Biscay bay from intruders with a group of underwater robots.
Luc JAULIN, Lab-STICC, ENSTA Bretagne. Slides.

14:30-15:00. Adaptive sampling with a fleet of autonomous sailing boats using artificial potential fields
Frédéric Plumet, Université Versailles St Quentin. Slides.

15:00-15:30. Guaranteed Assessment of the Area Explored by an AUV
Benoît DESROCHERS, DGA/TN Brest. Slides.

Coffee break

15:45-16:15. Coordinated Control of Two Robotic Arms for Underwater Manipulation of Deformable Biological Specimens
François Leborne, Ifremer, LIRMM, Toulon.

16:15-16:45. Pattern formation for a fleet of AUV’S based on optical sensor,
Xiaomin WANG, Ocean University of China.

16:45-17:15. SARDINE : a low-cost AUV for detection, localization, tracking and mapping of underwater targets.
Fabrice Le Bars, Lab-STICC, ENSTA Bretagne. Slides.

17:15-17:45. Optimization of AUVs propulsion system for underwater infrastructures monitoring.
Pablo Emanuel Vega and/or Olivier Chocron, ENIB, Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lôme. Brest. Slides.