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Special Issue related to Moqesm 2016

Following what has been done for MOQESM’14
and as discussed during MOQESM’16, we propose a Springer volume special issue in the following series  Ocean Engineering & Oceanography

The international scientific committee is composed by,

– Andrea CAITI, university of Pisa, Italie
– Marc CARRERAS, university of Girona, Espagne
– Benoit ZERR, ENSTA Bretagne Brest, France
– Frédéric PLUMET, UPMC, ISIR Paris, France
– Vincent CREUZE, Université de Montpellier, LIRMM, France
–  Luc JAULIN, ENSTA Bretagne, Lab-STICC, France
–  Annick BILLON-COAT, ENSTA Bretagne, Lab-STICC, France

Our correspondent from Springer is Dr. Leontina Di Cecco, Senior Editor Engineering/Applied Sciences.

The schedule is as follows

1) December 21, announcement of the special volume related to MOQESM. The paper should be written in Latex.

2) February 15. Deadline for submission. Before this date, a pdf should be sent to Luc Jaulin ( and Annick Billon Coat ( ).
They will  forward the pdf file to all members of the international scientific committee to start the review process.

3) March 15. A notification of acceptance will be sent to the authors. In case of acceptance, the comments made by the reviewers with some required modifications will have be taken into account.

6) April 15, final submission of the paper. A pdf file with all source files in Latex will have to be posted.

7) May 15 : The compilation of all accepted paper will be sent to Springer.